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Let’s keep you safe from dangerous lightning

A lightning strike can result in serious bodily injury and can severely damage property. Unfortunately, running for shelter isn’t enough. Lightning currents can penetrate masonry, wood, concrete, and steel structures that aren’t equipped with proper protective systems.


Taking measures to ensure the safety of individuals and property is a wise decision. You can count on Lightning Protection Systems Inc. We have been installing reliable Franklin lightning protection systems throughout Naples and the greater southwest Florida area since 1976.


Let's customize a system that suits your needs. Our products are unobtrusive and attractive.


Ensure you system is installed properly and works as designed by relying on our experienced team. What sets us apart?


• Use UL master labeled systems

• Certified master installer, designer, LPI member

• UL listed installer

• Install systems on homes, structures, and trees

• Licensed and insured

• Serving residential and commercial properties

Protecting individuals and structures throughout southwest Florida since 1976

Lightning poses a serious threat to individuals, homes, office buildings, and other structures. Lightning Protection Systems Inc has an easy and safe solution.

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